Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Wonderful Discovery; Becky & Frank's Tigerbuttah

My husband, Dennis, has been following the t-shirt production of a certain web comic on for years now. That comic is Tiny Kitten Teeth by a pair of brilliant young folks who go by Becky and Frank. Imagine my delight as I was aimlessly wondering the floor of San Diego Comic Con 2011 to spy the Tiny Kitten Teeth banner in the web comic section.

I went over to inspect the wares of this adorable little gem when suddenly I spied a small, cheerful display of the single most soul-warmingly adorable book I had ever seen. The happy little cover proclaimed that it was a "Tigerbuttah" golden book style storybook. I was completely paralyzed by cuteness.

The Tigerbuttah golden book was actually a Kickstarter project that Frank and Becky did. I am so incredibly glad it got funded. I immediately bought a copy for Fiona. Becky even put Fiona's name in the inside cover and drew a kitten for her. SOOOO CUUUUUTTTEEEEE. As soon as Fiona got home from grandma's house yesterday, I gave her the book. It's been less than 24 hours since I gave my daughter Tigerbuttah and she's already insisted I read it to her six times. Every time she sees it, she has to have it read to her. She calls it "Tigerbwahbwah" which is so cute I could die.

The story of Tigerbuttah is actually really terrific. Tigerbuttah looses his ability to imagine and pretend, then goes on a great adventure in a big, yellow balloon and meets all kinds of adorable new friends who help him to get his imagination back.

Tigerbuttah's art is exquisite. The colors are vivid, the scenes are detailed, and every last character is adorable. The style really does hearken back to the days of my youth when I would read The Pokey Little Puppy over and over. There is so much energy and life in Tigerbuttah and his little friends that every page is a delight to behold.

Honestly, I can't say enough good things about Tigerbuttah. If you have a young 'un, this is certainly a must have in your library. The message is timeless and appropriate for any age. If you use your imagination, you can go on fantastic adventures every day. On top of that, did I mention it's so cute you could die? I'm pretty sure I did, but it warrants another mention. CUTE.

You can pick up a copy at Tiny Kitten Teeth's Topatoco page. Just click here. Oh, and while you're there I also recommend you pick up their Pabst Blue Kitten tshirt. There is so much adorable going on in Tiny Kitten Teeth's little corner of the Internet that you just can't settle for only one thing in your basket. :)

In closing, let me reiterate that if you are looking for an amazing story with fantastic illustrations that's one of a kind and wonderful, you need to pick up Tigerbuttah. Get a few copies, actually. Keep one, get one for a friend, take one to your local elementary school library so you can share the precious joy that Tigerbuttah brings to readers of all ages.

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