Monday, April 11, 2011

So I Promised...

You got me to 85 followers over the weekend on Twitter, so here are the choices you will have for the 100th follower freebie! (Tell your friends, then muscle in on number 100 if you haven't followed already.)

Follower 100 will receive a 5 by 7 (postcard size) Print of one of the awful paintings I'm going to post on this blog signed by me. They will also receive a matted and signed copy of one of my poems that I will also list below. The poem selections are all from my book Electronically Yours which will be available in my Etsy shop soon. The book is going to be $10.00 each. $5.00 of each sale will be donated to the April's Army charity fund. Anyway...

So here's the thing. I used to be good at painting. In high school. I really applied myself back then. Now I don't care enough to apply myself. Hence, the crap you see below. The pics are taken from my iphone because I can't find the double a batteries I bought last week and I need to get this blog up today. So in actual reality, they're not as blurry.

You could get the "Market Fresh Bunny" painting. It will be on the background I painted when you get it:

This one I like to call "Spring Swing" my daughter has been watching a lot of Tweety Bird lately. I painted this for her room and she calls it a "baby duck".

This one is called "Bubbles the Octopus" I wanted to paint a purple sue me.

This one I threw in for the hell of it. It's a collage I made out of magazine clippings and tin foil. Hey! You could call it "upcycled!" (It was an art project for a college class.)

And this one is a pencil drawing of Fidget and his owner, Ami. Little characters I draw that I made up. This one will be cleaned up, and the line art will be put in digitally by the time you get it. The text says "Fidget is a well loved bunny."

AND on to the poetry...Read them, pick the one you like best.

electronically yours

letters finger-struck
in cramped, rectangular spaces
send crumbled over air
to him
then her
then them.
replies equally
cyber-spaced quickly
up to ten recipients
at once
read on glowing phones
the one shared sentiment.
and at times i wonder
tapping the caffeine lines in my veins
tugging heavy, clutter-laden bags
caught around my ankles-
when did the time come
when we no longer had the time
to write out
i love you?


like water
in the waist-deep pool
as the kids go
‘round in circles
Dying for lack of air
The girl breaks loose
Brown sugar hair
torn in fingers aching with the pressure
of a thousand phone numbers
and a thousand smokey voices
siphoning through the receiver
And I feel them
And she drips with the water
and tears
the sweat
So we both sink in
and spin to the center

Denial at 9:00 pm

Sugary words
ramble from you like
falling from the snap-hungry jowls of a hyena
laughing at nothing
My long-boned fingers
viced in yours
The sensation makes me cringe.
I wish
you’d stop talking
and just drink me in
Like the boys teetering on bar stools
lost in PBR.
I stare at the rim of my glass
gulping again a pine-flavored concoction
as you keep speaking
and drain another beer.
I check my watch.
It’s much too early
to make escape.

Alrighty then. So there are your choices. Keep following! (We're at 91, only 9 to go!)

Thank you guys for actually giving a shit about what I do. It's weird, but I like it!



  1. Oooh, getting to choose is extra frosting on my winning cake!

    I'd like your foil collage and "Spin", which I think go very well together :-)

    Thanks so much!