Saturday, March 12, 2011

Comic Nerds! (of the lady variety)

So today I was visiting our amazing local comic book store, Iguana Comics. It is seriously one of the reasons this town remains bearable. One of the owners, Sunda, invited me to her new weekly event. A comic book "club" for girls. Obviously, I'm stoked to go seeing as Sunda is awesome and this can only lead to exponentially increasing awesomeness. I was just thinking about how weird it is that guys STILL think that girls don't know diddly about comics.

I know more about comics than most guys I know, but they automatically assume that because they can name Superman's arch nemesis, they know more than me. Being uncommonly loud and outspoken, it doesn't really cross my mind when I walk into a game store or comic store that I will probably be the only girl in there. I will almost certainly be the only girl to cringe when a woman places the DC comic her child decided he didn't want into the Marvel section hap-hazardly. (I mean, have some fraking respect!) But, since most girls are a lot daintier than me on the whole, of course they are going to be intimidated by the loud, boisterous, most of the time smelly guys who make up the community of nerds in game and comic stores.

They're gross. Guys, that is. And if they're not looking down your shirt, they're probably making fun of you. Ok, well, that's not fair. Not all guys are like that, and knowing a few of the Iguana guys, I know they're good people. Girls in general, however, are just nervous about being around big groups of guys talking about geekdom. And let's face it, guys are way more likely to jump down your throat at any little mistake you might utter pertaining to comic books and tabletop gaming than they would be when talking about other subjects. Guys can be mean. I think they probably just want to feel like they do know more than girls about comics as a rule of gender, but still. That's not always true.

So I guess my rant tonight is about what an amazing fraking idea it is to host a night where ladies can gather and talk about comic books, be introduced to them, or just gossip about how beautiful Nathan Fillion is to their heart's content. They won't have to worry about slipping up because, as a girl and reader of comic books, I know I am always game for more ladies in the midst of all the nerds. It makes it a lot less awkward when I let something uber geeky slip out in public when there's another girl who goes, "I totally know what you're talking about." We aren't here to judge, we're here to drool over Logan's pecks! We're here to talk about the Angel vs Spike rivalry until the Cylons come home! We are here to be girls who love comic books!

For those of you who live in "the valley" the ladies night at Iguana is Thrusday(s) at 7:00pm in the store. Oh! And keep those comments for the giveaway coming! If you missed my last post, I'm having a comic panel necklace giveaway (Check them out on my Etsy site) to up my followers. It's easy:
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Goodnight and Goodluck!


  1. Well written.... And I say..HELL YA TO GEEK GIRLS!!!!! WE WILL KICK ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. girls-only club sounds like a blast