Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Too Much to Search Through

Do you ever feel like there's too much stuff on the internet?

Today I'm searching for a birthday gift for a two year old girl. There is just too much adorable stuff to choose from on Etsy! Too much adorable stuff in my price range, even. Don't get me started on finding a Valentine for my daughter. That took hours of looking. 

Sometimes I just feel like the internet has given us too many options. It's nice when you have something specific in mind, but what if what you have in mind is totally vague? Not to mention I don't even know what kind of stuff this little girl is into. Animals? Play food? Unicorns? Do I just get her something that says, "Here, this is a gift that would be safe to buy for any two year old girl." Or do I go for something that says, "I spent many hours researching the absolute best gift for you, I'm just really stuck up like that and I expect you to worship me for the gift choice I have just made." Ugh. Sounds bad either way at this point. 
I was looking for post it notes for my friend, Marissa, the other day online. POST IT NOTES! There are too many post it notes choices. I spent my free time for two days trying to decide which ones to order. Sheesh. Who would have thought that there would be so many choices of post it notes that it would take days to sift through even the very tip of the ice berg? Really, I am sure I didn't look at even half of the avaliable options on ebay. I finally said "No, I am going to get these, and I'm not going to think about the possibility that there are post it notes out there that I would rather have gotten her. I'm getting these! That's final!"

So back to children's birthday gifts...

I like to support people on Etsy, and since I have a week and a half before the party, I'm considering a hand made option. It would be unique, cute and something that wouldn't say, "I spent a lot of money on your daughter so you'll like me." At least I hope not...

Here are some of the options I'm considering:

Like I said...too many options. I'm leaning towards the cupcake crayons because it would be something fun and simple, and useful. The party invitation is a cupcake shaped card, so it might also be something the little girl is into? All I know is, we could go to *shudder* WalMart and spend as much money on something cheap and lame. The little car is so cute though...Ugh! Decisions. I have come to the conclusion that the internet is a bad place for indecisive people.

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