Sunday, March 27, 2011


So for those of you who didn't know, I'm a member of an Etsy team called April's Army. April is, of course, the lovely, hillarious woman who is responsible for Regretsy. One of the funniest fucking sites ever.

Here's a lowdown of why I'm posting this quick blog. Every month from here on out the April's Army crafters are going to have charity items for sale. This next month's charity is hopefully going to a woman who's boyfriend is dying of pancreatic cancer. Well, he's been approved for a clinical trial that could help him to live ten more years. She's not asking money (even though she hopefully will be getting some) she's just asking everyone to promote the Etsy site she set up to pay for his treatment.

That's right, she's working with her own two hands to keep her boyfriend alive. And I was hoping to buy a video game with my Etsy sales...anyway. PLEASE check out her site, tell your friends, we want her completely SOLD OUT before the end of April!

Thanks guys! Post this link EVERYWHERE!!!

 The shop name is For Jason and the url is:

Goodnight, and good luck,



  1. This is your captain speaking! LOL!
    In case you can't tell, this is Mary from WickdCreation. I just wanted to say great blog post, I just became a follower. Would love to see this sweet lady get the help she deserves.

  2. I'm following you now as well. This is houseofplush from Etsy. Awesome post. I definitely have to make something to help raise money for this cause.

  3. Thanks so much, guys. I'm glad people are doing everything they can to help. I bought some banana soap from her, and I can't wait to smell it and tell everyone I know to buy some! Apparently it smells like a paula deen recipe. Yum!