Thursday, March 10, 2011

A Nerd Rant...

I was reading someone's blog yesterday, and they were talking about how nerd crafters have to under price their work so that nerds can afford it. This is so true. I don't know why, but the world is sadly lacking in wealthy nerds.

I don't mind underpricing my work. I just want people to be able to enjoy it. Sure, I need to make money with it, but I wouldn't make any money at all if I didn't give people a good price. It sucks. Not because of the underpricing, but because nerds should be able to afford cool, handmade stuff too. This is the main reason why I also welcome trades in my shop. There's no reason you shouldn't have what you want if you have goods to offer in exchange. Hooray socialism! ;)

Last night I was working on some new comic book onomatopia charms for a fellow Etsy seller, Vicky. She's going to make little hair clippies out of them. :) I'm really excited. The fact that someone appreciates my work enough to want to incorporate it into theirs is a really awesome feeling. Here is what I've come up with so far:
What do you think? I thought they turned out pretty good. No! is my favorite. I love the drippy, swamp thing font I used. :) Vicky makes the most adorable kids clothes. This is for a trade for Fiona's Easter outfit. I'll post pictures when I get it and all that jazz.

Check out Vicky's site, it's super adorable: In the Rose Garden 
I'd like to give her a big thank you shout out for working with little old me so I can afford an adorable, hand made treasure for my little munchkin this year.

Much more to come on the comic book front. I am personally really proud of my comic panel necklaces which can also be key chains. I have a super cool Buffy key chain I'll be posting either tonight or tomorrow. you know, when I can get some great pics taken and edited.

Anyway. To all you nerds out there, keep being awesome. Thanks for reading.

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